Made In America

As we continue to hear about product failures and quality deficiencies in imported products, it has become increasingly important to know, not only where the final product is made, but what materials go into it.

All products made by Red Head Brass are made from extrusions, forgings and castings produced at US facilities. With some exceptions, there is no law requiring that products sold in the US be marked or labeled Made in USA.

However, manufacturers and marketers who choose to make this claim must comply with the FTC's Made in USA Policy. The policy applies to products, labeling and advertising such as catalogs, websites and other promotional materials.

Red Head Brass products are Made in USA.

FTC Policy requires that, for a product to be called Made in USA, the product must be "all or virtually all" made in the United States.

The FTC defines "all or virtually all" to mean that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of US origin and that the product contain no or negligible foreign content.

According to this "all or virtually all" standard, manufacturers and marketers cannot indicate that a whole product line is US made — "Our products are made in USA," or "Made in US," or "U.S.A." — when only some products in the product line are made in the United States.

Likewise United States manufacture cannot be implied, by a trademark or the company name.

The FTC requirement should not be confused with the Buy American Act.

The Buy America Act is often called for in US government procurements and requires that a product have 50 percent or more of US made content.

If the products are identified as Made in USA, the FTC Policy applies.

Please click the 'RHB Made In USA Checklist' link at left for a quick review of how every Red Head Brass product conforms to the FTC's "all or virtually all" requirements.

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