SpeedSwivel FDC Adapter

Fast, Strong, and Easy to use

Stolen swivel cap
SpeedSwivel installed on standpipe

Red Head Brass is now the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the patented SpeedSwivel FDC adapter — the firefighters’ solution to stolen or vandalized brass fire sprinkler & standpipe connections.

The Solution to Stolen or Missing Brass Swivels

When brass swivels are stolen or missing from an FDC, the male threads on a fire hose are no longer compatible without the use of a SpeedSwivel.

A SpeedSwivel is the missing link for firefighters to quickly connect and pressurize FDCs to achieve sufficient water and nozzle pressure to attack the fire. The Speed Swivel has teeth and sliding segments that will engage with the exposed groove on an FDC that has a stolen or missing brass swivel. A few spins of the easy-to-use rocker lug coupling and the SpeedSwivel connection is complete.

The SpeedSwivel was developed by a retired fire captain who also served as a fire inspector. SpeedSwivel has been placed on the inventory of hundreds of fire trucks in the USA and Canada including Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, Portland, and Toronto.

Made in the USA for durability and toughness and stocked at Red Head Brass distributors. SpeedSwivel is manufactured with the highest commitment to quality as are all Red Head Brass connectors.


  • Hard coat anodized aluminum components for high strength and lower weight
  • Tested at 1000 psi static pressure, without leaks or failure
  • Compliance with NFPA 1962
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Rapidly restores the FDC water supply for fire crews
  • Most installations do not require a spanner wrench
  • Small demonstration training snoot is also available
  • Optional — a protective dust cap for truck storage

Make a SpeedSwivel FDC adapter part of every fire apparatus inventory — available from your local Red Head Brass distributor.

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