Red Head Brass Checklist to meet the FTC "Made in USA" guidelines for "all or virtually all"

Questions to ask a supplier: Red Head
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Are all aluminum extrusions fabricated at a US facility?

If not 100%, what % is imported into the US?

Yes - 100% PA

Are all 6061-T6 extrusions equal in quality? The short answer is no. Our US based suppliers have pointed out that imported extrusions often barely meet the 6061 specification from a metallurgical requirement. Also, differences in quenching methods can allow for a difference in the grain structure of the final product. Imported extrusions have also been found to be seamed (port hole extrusions) as opposed to seamless.

Red Head Brass uses only seamless 6061-T6 extrusions from our aluminum vendor in Pennsylvania.

Are all raw forgings fabricated at a US forging house?

If not 100%, what % is forged outside the US?

Yes - 100% CT  

Are all raw castings fabricated at a US foundry?

If not 100%, what % is cast outside the US?

Yes - 100% OH, IN, PA, MI  

Are all machining operations performed at US factories or machine shops?

If not, what % is machined outside the US?

Yes - 100% Red Head, OH

Terminology such as "we buy only from US sources" does not always mean US product. The "US source" may be a US-based broker that is bringing imported raw materials and/or products into the US.

Are hardcoat anodizing and other finish operations performed at US operations?

If not, what % is finished outside the US?

Yes - 100% Red Head, OH, PA

When you purchase a high quality product from Red Head Brass, you not only support the dedicated members of the Red Head family, but hundreds of other American workers at the US mills, foundries, forging houses, machine shops and finishers that we support with our business.

Together we combine to produce what we believe are the highest quality, best value and safest products available.

Is all final assembly done in the US?

If not, what % is assembled outside the US?

Yes - 100% Red Head, OH

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