Our History

Red Head Brass originated in 1972 based on the innovative idea to replace brass with aluminum as the raw material for manufacturing couplings and adapters.

Aluminum components offer significant advantages in terms of higher strength, lower weight and most importantly — lower cost.

At the same time Red Head Brass was determined to source its raw materials from US suppliers and expand its own manufacturing capabilities within the United States.

Red Head Brass continued its innovation over the years and developed aluminum Storz products for the U.S. market, as well as the Hy-D nozzle.

Our Hy-D mass decontamination nozzle currently holds two patents.

More recently, Red Head Brass expanded into two new market segments — large diameter oil & gas components and hand tools.

The oil & gas products range from 8" to 12" diameter and include couplings, adapters, flanges, mending sleeves and test caps used in oil & gas operations.

The new hand tool line offers a forged, one-piece halligan bar, axes, sledges, pike poles, and roof hooks.

Red Head Brass continues to proudly serve the emergency response, industrial, and oil and gas industries, both domestically and abroad.

Our Commitment to Quality

Red Head Brass quality differences go far beyond the mere fact that its products are manufactured entirely in the USA.

While many competitors will have an extra charge for features such as hardcoat or bearing connections for swivels, these features are standard on Red Head products.

As our competitors take shortcuts and use gimmicks that reduce the quality and safety margin of their products, we continue our no compromise stance on quality, value — and most importantly — safety:

  • Compare metal wall thicknesses - Red Head Brass products are more robust.
  • Are the Storz products made from forgings produced at a US forging facility, or import forgings or lower quality castings that do not meet the DIN standard?
  • Wherever forgings are not advantageous, Red Head Brass machines components from superior tensile and compression strength extruded 6061-T6 aluminum tube from US manufacturers.
  • Red Head Brass swivels are attached utilizing stainless steel ball bearings or aluminum roller bearings on larger fittings.
  • Are the aluminum products hardcoat anodized to provide protection from wear and corrosion and significantly extend their service lives?

Our pledge is to continue to provide you with the products you deserve — simply the best and Made In America.

Extruded 6061-T6 aluminum provides superior tensile and compression strength.

NFPA required 120 hr. salt spray test - Red Head Brass coupling at left.

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